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As an experienced architect and building site manager, I bring a unique perspective to the table. Growing up between Zurich, Barcelona, and São Paulo, I gained invaluable benefits from my intercultural background that I’ve incorporated into my work .

I’ve spent the last decade working on a variety of renovation and new build projects. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating closely with my clients and construction teams to bring some truly stunning projects to life. When I’m passionate about a project, I get an energizing feeling in my stomach that drives me to keep going and never give up. My positive energy is often contagious, and I have a talent for convincing people that things will turn out right. I believe that comes from my love of creating architecture – starting with a given situation, sometimes complex, sometimes a blank slate, and developing a vision that we continue to refine until it’s just right.

To me, every project is a never-ending story with the opportunity for growth and improvement. I firmly believe that the building and design process can be more efficient, which is why I want to use my expertise to help clients achieve their vision.

I believe in consistency and daily self-care, which is why I start every morning working out. Connecting my mind and body, and doing something just for myself, makes me feel stronger and more confident and gives me energy for the whole day.

I’m excited to bring my experience, positive energy, and passion for architecture to my clients who are looking to make building extensions. Let’s work together to create something truly remarkable.

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